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Fees & Insurance

Below you will find my service fees, effective January 1, 2024

Initial Intake Assessment (60 minutes) - $200
Individual Therapy Session (50 minutes) - $175

Payment Options

I offer a few options to choose from when paying for your therapy services: (1) out-of-pocket by debit or credit card, (2) through your health insurance plan, or (3) through your out-of-network benefits by superbill invoice.

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Bullet Journal

Health Insurance

Out-of-network insurance payment by superbill invoice

Out-of-Network Coverage

Paying out-of-pocket means that you are paying for your therapy services directly, by debit or credit card. Most people choose this option if they do not have health insurance; if their health insurance carrier and I are not on contract; or if they have willfully opted out of using their insurance benefits.

I am currently in-network with the following health insurance plans:
United Healthcare
UHC Student Resources

Please note: If you want to use your health insurance, you are responsible for your copayment, coinsurance, and/or deductible if it has not been met on the day of your appointment.

If I am not contracted with your health insurance provider but you have insurance and would like to request partial reimbursement from your insurance provider, I will provide you with an invoice for your services (i.e., a superbill) to submit to your insurance provider. 

Out-of-Network Coverage

If I am not contracted with your health insurance provider and you would like to request reimbursement by superbill invoice, please call your insurance company to verify your out-of-network benefits before we begin working together. I want you to feel comfortable with the financial aspect of your therapy. Here are some useful questions to ask your insurance provider:

  1. What is the name of my plan? Is it an HMO or PPO?

  2. Does my plan include out-of-network mental health benefits?

  3. What is my deductible? How much of my deductible have I met this year?

  4. Is pre-approval required before obtaining out-of-network services in order to be reimbursed?

  5. How do I obtain reimbursement for therapy with an out-of-network provider? How do I submit claim forms for reimbursement?

  6. If I submit a claim, will I be reimbursed the full amount I paid or a portion? (If they ask for codes, you can give them 90791 for the initial assessment and 90834 for individual sessions).

*Here is a helpful article with more information*

Things to Consider About Insurance Reimbursement

  • Since most insurance companies have specific time frames to process reimbursement claims, it is important that you submit the "superbill" to your insurance provider in a timely matter. 

  • I CANNOT guarantee reimbursement from your insurance provider. (When you process claims through Reimbursify, if your claim gets rejected or denied, Reimbursify’s Rejection Resolution Pathway will help you easily navigate how to correct it). Please contact your insurance company to determine their out-of-network reimbursement rates. 


  • Providing a superbill will require me to disclose information to your insurance provider about your treatment and diagnosis in order to prove that your therapy is "medically necessary." For some people, this can feel intrusive and raise concerns about sharing sensitive information. If this is a concern, paying out-of-pocket might be a better option.   

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